Dentures at Creative Smiles, Jersey

Dentures, often referred to as ‘false teeth’, are a popular solution to replace missing teeth. Many patients complain that their dentures rub, come loose, create sore spots or feel bulky – that’s why we use carefully selected dental laboratories to create a comfortable and practical fit. 

Options for Dentures

During an initial consultation, our dentist will analyse the patient’s bite and how they chew. This will provide enough information to suggest which type of denture is required, such as chrome cobalt dentures for those who prefer not to cover their pallet, or more resilient acrylic ones to prevent them from easily snapping.

More permanent solutions are available here at Creative Smiles, such as implant retained overdentures, which effectively snap onto the gumline. Or if a patient doesn’t want dentures altogether, we recommend a system called ‘all on four’. More information regarding implant options can be found by clicking here.

What Next?

During the initial consultation, our dentist will work with the patient to draw up a bespoke treatment plan.

What's the Cost?

With every patient’s case being different, it’s not possible to provide an accurate indication of costs without a prior consultation. However, for an up to date list of our from prices, please head to our treatment fees page.

General Dentistry

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