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Nervous Patient Friendly Dentist in Jersey

Fear and anxiety of visiting the dentist affects many people in different ways. However, modern dentistry techniques and technology has made it possible for patients to enjoy a pain-free and stress-free experience here at our practice in Jersey.

Excellent with Nervous Patients

Our whole team at Creative Smiles have a great deal of experience in managing patients who experience dental phobias or may be anxious about seeing a dentist.

We also appreciate that every nervous patient reacts differently when attending an appointment. It is our aim to discover what it is that they might be nervous about and adopt the most appropriate techniques or solutions to eradicate their fears.

Our primary aim with our patients is for them to have a comfortable experience and to leave their appointment feeling calm. In addition to this we take great pride in patients feeling extremely happy with the end result of their treatment, whatever it may have been. Find out more about patient anxiety disorders here.

IV Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is a drug administered through an injection, normally placed in the back of the hand. The effects of the treatment is comparable to the relaxation experienced when dropping off to sleep, although the patient remains full consciousness and is still able to follow instructions from the dentist. 

IV sedation is an extremely safe treatment and is great for reducing anxieties that nervous patients might experience by putting them in a deep state of relaxation.  It’s also useful for patients that may have a strong gag reflex which can often be problematic when attending appointments.

What Next?

During an initial appointment, our dentist will work with the patient to discuss any anxieties they have, explain measures to reduce them and draw up a bespoke treatment plan.

What's the Cost?

Our exemplary chairside manner and added measures that we put in place to help relax nervous patients are central to what we do, so of course, no added charge is included for this aspect of our service. Patients who choose to have IV sedation will be charged for this on top of whichever treatment they undergo. For an up to date list of our from prices, please head to our treatment fees page.

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