Orthodontic Consultations

Orthodontic Consultations at Creative Smiles, Jersey

Our orthodontic consultations are designed to give new patients a better understanding of how their new smile could look after fixed braces or Invisalign® treatment.

Full Mouth Examination

We check our patient’s mouth for any signs of tooth decay and dental disease. As well as examining teeth, we also look at the condition and health of gums, tongue, lips and cheeks.

Bite & Jaw Joints Examination

This screening process includes a check of the patient’s joints to see how their teeth bite together. This will provide an indication of the level of correction required from the chosen orthodontic solution.

Digital Smile Design & Video Analysis

Digital smile design is an innovative dental treatment that allows our patient’s to preview their smile before any orthodontic treatment has taken place. This process involves taking digital photographs of their teeth and may also include video recording of them speaking, to show how they’ll look during conversation.

X-Rays & Impressions

To check bone mass around the teeth, as well as identifying signs of decay or disease, we take x-rays of our patient’s mouth. They’re also useful for examining wisdom teeth, which can sometimes cause pain, discomfort or dental problems for patient’s in the future. We might also take simple impressions of your teeth to refer to and for our records.

Gum Health Checks & Oral Cancer Screening

Gum health checks and oral cancer screenings are extremely important, as both can be present without displaying notable or visible symptoms.

Our gum health checks are useful for identifying early signs of gum disease, meaning we can put measures in place and treat it before it worsens.

Oral cancer screenings are done using a specially designed camera, any oral mucosal abnormalities can be spotted, looking at the surface layers of the skin to determine any changes to a normal, healthy mouth.

Choosing Orthodontic Treatment

Once we’ve gathered all of the relevant information, we’ll discuss the orthodontic treatment options with the patient. At Creative Smiles, we’re proud to provide some of the most innovative orthodontic treatments in modern dentistry.

Our experienced and talented team will consider the patient’s needs and budget to draw up their bespoke treatment plan. For more information about the orthodontic treatments that we provide, please click here. To book an appointment or to speak with a member of our team, contact us today.

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