Orthodontic Treatments, Jersey

Many patients who visit us at Creative Smiles feel unhappy with the alignment of their teeth and are unaware that a straight, symmetrical smile can be achieved at any age. Our range of orthodontic treatments can help straighten any smile from as little as six months!

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces have been used in orthodontics for many years and are considered to be the more traditional approach to straightening teeth. The braces work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth to move them into the desired position, using brackets and wires to accurately adjust their alignment.

There are many benefits to choosing fixed braces, such as the ability for precise adjustments to be made, meaning each tooth can be made as straight as possible. Fixed braces are able to resolve most orthodontic issues and they’re also a cost-effective solution. 

For patients who might be concerned about the appearance of fixed braces, we offer a more aesthetically pleasing alternative. For more information, please see below. 

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign’s® clear aligner system is designed to straighten teeth discreetly, and results can be achieved in as little as 7 weeks! Unlike fixed braces, there’s no need for any wires or brackets, meaning no metal is required – which makes them nearly invisible. Patients can continue their living their life as normal, without making it obvious they’re undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign® can treat a range of orthodontic cases, from small cosmetic alignment, to more severe cases. The system can also adjust the bite alignment of a patient, whether they suffer from an under-bite or over-bite!

Choosing Orthodontic Treatment

Many of our orthodontic patients at Creative Smiles have had orthodontic treatments in the past and weren’t happy with the results or didn’t wear their retainers. That’s why we’re seeing a surge of older adults who come to us wanting their teeth to be straightened, and our range of orthodontic treatments have helped them to achieve their goal.

In order for our team to provide accurate recommendations to patients as to what solution is best suited for their needs, it’s important for them to attend a consultation first. Cosmetic orthodontic treatment options can be found on our teeth straightening page, or patients can contact us for more information and to discuss booking a consultation.

What Next?

During an initial appointment, our dentist will work with the patient to draw up a bespoke treatment plan.

What's the Cost?

With every patient’s case being different, it’s not possible to provide an accurate indication of costs without a prior consultation. However, for an up to date list of our from prices, please head to our treatment fees page.

Book an Appointment

You can contact us to make an appointment booking or you can use our online booking portal using the relevant button below…
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