Planning Your New Smile

Your New Smile

At Creative Smiles we see many patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and ask us to help them to achieve their perfect smile.

We have extensive experience with creating brand new, healthy smiles for patients in as little as two to three weeks. However, it’s important that patient planning occurs prior to their first appointment.


We ask our patients to have a look at their smile and overall facial appearance prior to attending their initial consultation and have a real think about what they’d like to change. Whether it’s the straightness, size, colour or condition of the patient’s teeth, or something aesthetically related, such as wrinkles. Whatever they’re not happy with, we can discuss the comprehensive range of options to fix it, during the first appointment.

Initial Consultation

Throughout the first appointment, our dentist will find out all about the patient, how they feel about their current smile and what they want to achieve. The key at this stage is transparency with regards to what the patient’s expectations and desired result are.

Be YOUnique

We encourage our patients to do what makes them happy. Afterall, self-confidence is an extremely important aspect of mental wellbeing and increases an individual’s attractiveness. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach with regards to a new smile, our team treats each case independently to benefit each individual. 

Functional & Healthy Smiles

Of course, achieving a dream smile isn’t just about how it looks. It’s vital that oral health and functionality of the teeth and whole mouth, stands the test of time. We do this by carefully examining the patient’s bite, oral condition and of course, check them for any signs of disease or cancer, all prior to committing to any type of treatment.  

Further information regarding the steps we take during an initial consultation can be found here.

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