Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day, Jersey

Many people experience the fear and anxiety of losing their teeth and the reasons for this are understandable. Some patients who come to see us have teeth that are in a poor condition, whereas others have already lost some or all of their teeth, but both share the same goal – wanting their smile back. Our teeth in a day procedure is perfect for patients who want to regain their confidence.

All on Four

The revolutionary Teeth in a Day procedure is also referred to as ‘All on Four’ because it takes just four dental implants to support a whole arch or row of replacement teeth. Many patients come to us at Creative Smiles ashamed of their appearance, with low levels of self confidence due to missing teeth. But with this procedure they are able to leave their appointment with a brand new smile in just one day!

Snap-On Overdentures

For patients who are after a more permanent solution to traditional dentures, an overdenture can be fitted to the four implants placed in the jaw. The denture can essentially snap on and off the implants, preventing the uncomfort and ill fit of a traditional denture and making it very easy to maintain good oral hygiene.

What does the Treatment Involve?

Initially the patient is provided with local anaesthetic to numb the area and ensure the procedure is pain-free. Once all remaining or problematic teeth are removed, the four implants (per arch) can then be placed. 

In cases where teeth have been missing for a longer duration, the jaw bone may have reduced in size. If this is the case, bone grafting may be required, which can be done at the time of the implant placements.

In order for the implants to fuse with the surrounding bone and create a stable foundation, there is a healing period which typically lasts between 6-8 weeks. Temporary dentures or bridges can be provided during this time to fill the gap until healing is complete. After which, the implants can be restored, giving the patient a new, healthy looking smile that they desire.

Why Choose Creative Smiles for Teeth in a Day?

Our implantologist, Dr. Mitesh Badiani, has been placing dental implants since 1999, having placed thousands during this time. He was a Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Warwick for over 10 years on the MSc Implant programme and also awarded National Dentist of the Year in 2015.

Many practices continue to refer implant patients to Mitesh due to his excellent reputation in his field. Collectively, we’re able to place and restore implants for our patients and even reconstruct mouths with various missing teeth.

What Next?

During an initial appointment, our dentist will work with the patient to draw up a bespoke treatment plan.

What's the Cost?

With every patient’s case being different, it’s not possible to provide an accurate indication of costs without a prior consultation. However, for an up to date list of our from prices, please head to our treatment fees page.


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